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Homes along the Eastern United States are steeped with history and tradition. These homes are deserving of unique, customized design including drapery, shades, blinds, and upholstery in a variety of classic fabrics such as linens, silks, velvets, cottons, and sheers. Fabrics can say so much about a home whether used in luxurious window treatments or highlighting the upholstery of signature furniture pieces.

For custom design solutions, window treatments, fabric choices, or upholstery in Wayne, PA or NJ, our interior designers can help you choose a tailored look that complements your space and style. Window treatments need to be a combination of beauty and practicality without compromising the integrity of the room. CoCo Curtain Studio offers a talented and experienced staff that will work closely with you to develop your vision into something tangible. Read More

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Windows offer a glimpse of life inside the home to passers-by while charming the guests invited inside. Custom curtains add interest to a room while entertaining or simply enjoying time spent at home. Window treatments can allow the outside in or block it out to suit the preferences of the homeowners. Each aspect of a window’s dressing should reflect the personality of both the homeowner and the house; a New Jersey or Pennsylvania interior designer can help achieve that symmetry is by creating elegant, tailored window treatments.

At CoCo Curtains we offer a selection of color, texture and print fabrics that will meet your every design dream. This is where your style and design ideas can become reality. We look forward to introducing our design team to you and can’t wait to create your new window dressings, upholstery and bedding.

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